History Class in 2030…

Ya know that little “meme” going around the internet about history class in 2030? It goes a little like this:


I read this and it gives me chills. Beautiful ones. The kind that make my heart swell and then a smile emerges on my face. But then my smile dies. Because this isn’t how every “College kid” will recall this time.

There will be those, like my boys, who will remember it like, “All I remember was the school closing and wishing I was being homeschooled by my mom. I remember hiding out in my room with my brother except for meals because that is where we felt safest. I remember laying awake in bed at night wondering when I’d get to see her next. I remember being forced into family time with my dad and his new wife. I remember watching my mom on the small phone screen when she FaceTimed us every single day just praying I could just be with her. Honestly, it was one of the most anxiety ridden times of my childhood.”

Don’t lose perspective.

The courts have all but shut down. Cops are told not to respond to anything that isn’t urgent and/or life threatening. Lawyers hands are tied. There are spouses and children being abused daily — and there are no longer the escapes of school or work. There are those worrying about where there next meal will come from. There are mothers or fathers who cannot get to their children. There is great fear. There is great sadness.

To some this will be the happiest memories of their lives. To others, it will be traumatic.

Jesus, please help us.



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