Which one?

You know those movies or books where the hero/heroine is fighting to the very end for their cause? The ones where the outcome doesn’t look good or they have no idea if they are doing the right thing but they know they must do something? We cheer for the ones who succeed and we lament for the ones who don’t.

I find myself asking every single time, “If he/she knew that they would go through all this struggle and strife only to fail at the end, would they continue?” And I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in this world. The ones who would battle to the very end holding on to any thread of hope that the outcome could change and the ones who lay down their swords and quit.

I am the first one. Call me stupid or call me brave but I refuse to quit. I have battles laid out before me even now where the outcome is completely unknown. Will my daughter ever come home? Will my boys grow up to abuse their wives? Will I ever be freed from the shackles of my government label? And even if you told me today that all those things would come to be true in the most horrendous of ways and nothing I did made a difference, I would still forge on.

As I watch our world cower to this unprecedented global pandemic, I also watch it rise. None of us know the outcome and some are hiding in fear while others are asking, “how can I help?”. And I know that I am not alone in picking up whatever sword my battle requires of me that day and coming out swinging. Which one are you?

Be safe and be well.


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