Mother’s Day…


This was her first Mother’s Day officially. She had considered herself a mom for the past few years but this was a milestone. She sat in the rocking chair of her little boys room rocking him back and forth and looking at his beautiful face. She was in awe of how perfect he was. How blessed she was to be his mommy. She had no intention of going anywhere that morning. All she wanted was to soak in every inch of her perfect little boy.

She pushed away her sadness that her daughter wasn’t with her this morning. But it was how it would always be. She had another mom, after all. And that trumped herself. So, she focused all of her attention on her sweet little six week old boy and began to hum a lullaby.

Just then, he walked in fully dressed, startling her. They had fought the night before. Nothing significant but had gone to bed angry. Something they had never done in the years they were dating but there seemed to be new behaviors emerging that only began after she said, “I do”. She began to hum again and didn’t pay him any attention. This was her day after all. Surely a small fight wouldn’t trump that.

He began to open the babies drawers and searching. She asked what he was looking for but he remained silent. She was confused as to what he was doing. Why was he dressed? He chose something from the drawer and then came over and pulled the baby from her lap.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. Continued silence.

She sat there and watched him dress the baby. Her mind flying in a million different directions. She didn’t speak again until he picked the child up and arose to a standing position.

“Where are you going?” she asked a little more forcefully.

“To church.” he said coldly and matter of factly.

“Church? But… but I didn’t think we were going? Why didn’t you say something? I’m not even close to ready.” she stammered.

“We are going without you”.

Her eyes flew to his face in shock. This didn’t make any sense! Why would he choose to go to church without her on Mother’s Day? Was he really this angry? He wouldn’t really do this, would he?

He picked up the diaper bag and made his way to the door. She followed him as tears started to fill her eyes and words of desperation spilled out of her mouth trying to reason with him. But he was nothing but a cold, hard wall. And she didn’t exist. The front door slammed in her face and they were gone.

She ran back to the babies’ room and threw herself down as the sobs overtook her.


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